The Uncle Bob Guitar Project Recordings

This page contains various recordings of several of the early prototype instruments. We are grateful for the support of the musicians involved and look forward to including more recordings with time.

Videos of all the prototypes with short demos are on the gallery page

The recordings are in MP3 format. Other formats are available; please contact us...

April 2010

It's been a while but here's a new recording. This is The Reclaimers Street Orchestra starting to look and sound like an Orchestra.

On percussion are Abe and Margaret

On Cello are Ros, Jasper, Michael, Johanna and Gerry

On Viola are Keith and Christine

On Violin are Rose, Kathleen, Charles and Chris.

Multimedia support on this from Vince.

4:00 symphonic folk blues
3.8 Mb

October 2008

This is a recording of Bob Brozman playing his own "Uncle Bob" Sn 011 which is further featured on the Gallery Page. The recording is from a concert he gave at the Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane Australia on 02 October 2008. Thanks very much for all the support Bob.

Impro on 011 1:20 folk blues 640 Kb

July 2008

This is a video of Charles doing a "Live-to-Air" on Brisbane Community radio 4ZzZ fm. The song is "Cows Don't Need Religion" and the instrument is 004. Bad lighting in the studio (it was radio) prompted the artistic visual rendering.

June 2008

These are a couple of early mixes from an album of songs written by Charles, played on instruments made by Charles.

Skin on Skin 3:15 folk/love song 1.5MB
Life well Lived 2:30 folk song 1.2MB

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The Uncle Bob is a CyberFeral Project

18th January 2008

These are some unprocessed recordings of a jam session involving Chris Gillespie and Charles Neville.

Stroll in E 3 min improvised instrumental 2.7MB
Black Leg Miner 3 min traditional English song 2.9MB
Njik 2 min original song 1.8MB

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The Uncle Bob is a CyberFeral Project

Early recordings;

This is the first proof-of-concept instrument; serial number 000; it's a full size guitar design.

Here it's played by the maker; Charles Neville; in an 18 second stroll (290kb).

This is 003; another 6 string with Nylon frets.

Here is a verse of the novelty song "Nyik" sung and played by Charles (30 secs 244kb)

A close up of the steel frets and nut on 004; this has a brighter sound.

Here is a plucking example (17 secs 140kb) and a strumming example (13 secs 104kb) both played by Charles.

Bikijook recordings;

This is the second instrument made; SN 001; a Ukulele configuration owned by Elliot Neville.

This is a 10 second strum (165kb) played by Charles Neville.


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The Uncle Bob is a CyberFeral Project